Words of Hope from one of our patients...

Words of Hope from one of our patients...

Dear Dr. Marema, Dr. Perez & Dr. Diaz:

Where do I start to say thank you for changing my life. January 2004 I made the most important telephone call of my entire life. My appointment was with Dr. Marema. I walked into his office, held my breath, and got on the dreaded scale - 279 pounds - OUE... How could this be me. Afterall I really didn''t eat that much food. Nevermind the two pounds of chocolate covered peanuts (aren''t peanuts good for you?), half of a chocolate cake and of course 6 dinner rolls with butter before dinner was served. It certainly is amazing how many excuses I had for gaining all the weight.

You, Dr. Marema, told me to forget all the past excuses and concentrate on the positive - today and the future. I remember going into the Bariatric store and a very wise older woman gave me some advice -

If you listen very carefully to Dr. Marema and follow his directions you will succeed. Well I did, and that woman was your mother. I have gone from a size 24 to a perfect 10-12 after 10 months.

Most people tell me how great I look and that I should be very proud of myself. However, two of my very best friends said to me - When are you going to get a face lift, you look so old and wrinkled. That was the first comment after I lost 100 pounds. No I didn''t go for the nearest chocolate cake - but I did cry... My other best friend told me not to lose anymore because I was looking sooooo old. No. I didn''t go for the wine (thank God I do not drink) but I did go for a walk on the beach - you guessed it - I cried. Well I''m over these two friends and their comment. Now my standard answer to any of these so called good friends is - when you get your face lift, I will get mine. That pretty much keeps them quiet... No crying anymore...

Not only do I thank you from the bottom of my heart, but the following people thank you very much:

Neiman-Marcus Junior Section

Neiman-Marcus Shoe Department

Neiman-Marcus Fine Jewelry

JR DUNN Jewelry

Saks Fifth Avenue

The Running Store

All boutiques on Las Olas-Worth Avenue-Lake Shore Drive-Michigan Ave, Chicago




OOPS - I forgot one - Union Square, San Francisco, Ca.

Did I happen to mention that I LOVE TO SHOP NOW............

Thanks again for giving me back my smile.


Cynthia Zimmerman


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